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Spanked with the Spoon (Part 1 of 2)
Betty brings the girls into the kitchen to deliver the punishment she has promised them. Kiki is bent over first and given...
Faces: Rose
Lovely Rose is given a good dose of the strap in this installment of our Faces series.
Monica Forgets to Thaw out the Steaks
Monica forgot that Aaron had asked her to thaw out the steaks that were in the freezer. As punishment, she is spanked with...
Claire's OTK Hair Brush Spanking
Claire receives an over the knee hair brush spanking from Mr. Daniels.
6 Swat Paddling (Part 2 of 2)
Persephone enters the Principals office for her 6 swat paddling over her jeans.
6 Swat Paddling (Part 1 of 2)
Maya bends over for a 6 swat paddling over her jeans.
Janelle: Caught Ditching Detention
Janelle is given a hard paddling with the lexan that leaves her in tears.
Betty gets the Belt
Betty receives 30 swats with the belt from Mr. M
Brandi Surprises Ms. Burns
Brandi's language surprises Ms. Burns. She bends her over for a spanking and then sends her off to get her books.
Spanked in the Kitchen with the Belt (Part 2 of 2)
Persephone comes downstairs with the belt and is given a hard spanking over her jeans, panties, and bare bottom.
Spanked in the Kitchen with the Belt (Part 1 of 2)
Maya comes down with the belt and is bent over and spanked on her jeans, panties and bare bottom.
Blake Misses Her Music Lessons
Blake lies to Mr. Daniels about going to her music lessons. She is given a hard spanking for lying and then left in time...
School Swats: Betty
Betty receives 15 swats because of her continued infractions.
Monica Throws a Fit
Monica finds out that throwing a fit while shopping gets her a spanking.
Maggy: Paddled in the Principals Office
Maggy agrees on 6 swats with the paddle instead of being suspended. She is paddled over her jeans.
Cara: Paddled by the Principal
Cara is bent over in the Principal's office and given 6 swats over her jeans.
Raquel Stays Up All Night
Raquel is given a spanking for staying up all night on the internet.
Real Discipline: Kathy
Kathy receives both the cane and a wooden paddle as punishment for real life infractions.
Monica: Strapped in her Bedroom by Mr. M
Monica is given a hard strapping on the edge of her bed by Mr. M
Spanked at Home in the Kitchen (Part 2 of 2)
He returns and tells her to bare her bottom for a final 12 swats with the paddle.
Maggy Spanked before Going Out
Maggy was promised a spanking and she is going to get it before she leaves the house, regardless of her friend being...
Mr. Daniels' Coffee
Elizabeth is given a spanking for bringing Mr. Daniels' coffee that he did not like.
Helen Sleeps In
Mr. Daniels finds Helen sleeping instead of getting ready for work. He gives her a hard strapping to wake her up.
Kailee Struggle And Spanking
Kailee decides to go to a party against Mr. Daniels wishes. He comes in just as she is about to leave. He pulls her over...
Cara Spanked in Front of her Friend
Cara is given a hard belting in her bedroom with her friend watching.
Spanked at Home in the Kitchen (Part 1 of 2)
Mr. M drags Ella into the kitchen to remind her that her chores are not done. He bends her over and gives her some...
Helen: Spanked for not Doing the Shopping
Helen gets a hard hand spanking and a dose of the lexan paddle for not doing the grocery shopping.
Betty: POV Spanking
Betty is sent to the Principal's office and receives an 8 swat paddling.
Riley Makes Charges on Ms. Burns' Credit Card
Ms. Burns gives Riley a spanking for making unauthorized charges on her credit card.
Lilith: Spanked by Mr. M (Part 2 of 2)
Mr. M finds Lilith in her bedroom in position as asked. He straps her in bed, her shapely ass propped up on a pillow, and...
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