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Monica's School Paddling
Monica is bent over into position and is given a taste of Mr. Daniels' paddle.
Helen Asks for Help with Her Attitude
Helen comes to Ms. Burns for advice on having a better attitude. Ms. Burns tells her that the best cure is a hard...
Cheerleaders Paddled (Part 2 of 2)
Arella assumes the position and receives 10 swats on her leggings from Betty. Both cheerleaders are then left with bruised...
Ella & Arella: Spanked in Drop Seat PJ's (Part 2 of 2)
The girls switch places and now Mr. M delivers a hard hand spanking to Arella's bare bottom. Both girls are left with...
Faces: Raquel
Raquel chooses the house rule and bends over for a hard spanking from Ms. Burns.
Cindy Receives the Leather Paddle
Ms. Burns comes in to continue Cindy's punishment. She takes her over the knee for a spanking with the small leather paddle.
Monica's OTK Spanking
In this voyeuristic scene, Monica is shown being punished with an OTK hand spanking.
Ella & Arella: Spanked in Drop Seat PJ's (Part 1 of 2)
Ella and Arella are sent to their bedroom to bare their bottoms in drop-seat pajamas. M enters the room and delivers a...
Cheerleaders Paddled (Part 1 of 2)
Ella and Arella are brought into a nearby classroom to discuss their options for all the recent infractions and...
Brandi: Spanked for Cigarettes
Brandi is bent over and given a dose of the leather paddle after Mr. Daniels finds her cigarettes around the house.
Claire: Punished for Bratty Behavior
Claire is placed on all fours and given a hand spanking after she misbehaves.
Raquel gets into Ms. Burns Purse
Raquel takes some money from Ms. Burns purse for snacks after the game. Ms. Burns gives her a hard spanking for taking...
Maggy & Kiki: Spanked Together (Part 4 of 4)
The girls switch positions and Maggy bends over to receive her strapping from Michael. The girls are then sent to their...
Maggy & Kiki: Spanked Together (Part 3 of 4)
Michael finds the girls in the bedroom and immediately bends Kiki over the edge of the bed for a strapping on the bare...
Helen: Spanked for Drinking
Mr. Daniels finds Helen passed out on the couch. He tells her that she is not acting the way she should and he is upset...
Tasha Recieves a Sound Strapping
Mr. Daniels gives Tasha a hard strapping over her pants and then on her bare bottom.
Monica Receives the Lexan in the Bedroom
Ms. Burns spent the day making food for an important dinner only to find that Monica has been snacking on it. She wakes...
Maggy & Kiki: Spanked Together (Part 2 of 4)
Betty moves over to Kiki and delivers the same hand spanking on her bikini bottoms and bare butt. Both girls are then sent...
Maggy & Kiki: Spanked Together (Part 1 of 4)
Maggy and Kiki arrive home after being at the water park all day. They conveniently forgot to tell Betty or Michael where...
Jenna Misses an Important Appointment
Jenna is supposed to go with Ms. Burns to an appointment but she does not get home in time. Ms. Burns spanks her for...
Brandi's Unfinished Chores
Ms. Burns finds Brandi outside with her friends instead of in doing her chores. She puts her over her knee for a hard...
Real Discipline: Kailee
Mr. Daniels discusses some real life issues with Kailee. He administers discipline to help her stay focused on her goals.
Maya: A Whoopin' in Front of her Friend (Part 2 of 2)
Embarrassed Maya is made to bare her bottom for the rest of her punishment while her friend sits horrified in the corner.
Maya: A Whoopin' in Front of her Friend (Part 1 of 2)
Mr. M arrives home and bursts into the bedroom where Maya and her friend are hanging out. M tells Maya she is getting the...
School Strokes: Blake
Blake is given 10 strokes over the jeans for our "School Strokes" series.
Ms. Burns' Belting
Ms. Burns recieves a hard belting from Mr. Daniels for leaving a candle burning all night long.
Janelle: Sent to the Office
Janelle receives a caning after she is caught ditching class with her friends.
Bare Breasted Spanking: Persephone Drake
Miss Betty wastes no time bending Persephone over for a strapping, for not wearing a bra.
Naked Kiki Spanked (Part 2 of 2)
Mr. M returns with a wooden spoon and applies it to her bare bottom before sending her back to her room.
Brooke Tries to go Out
Brooke tries to leave for a concert but Mr. Daniels reminds her that she is grounded. She is upset and argues with him...
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