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Annabelle's Belt Test
In our continuing series, Annabelle submits to a very traditional, and extremely intense, strapping with the largest belt...
Peaches Straddle Spanking and Belting (Part 2 of 2)
Peaches is laid over the ottoman and Mr. M spanks her hard with a leather belt on the bare bottom.
Alex Interviewd and Spanked with the Belt
Alex is interviewed and spanked over the jeans 30 times with the belt.
Kestrel Spanked with the Belt
Kestrel waits nervously with the belt in her hands until Miss Betty arrives. She is laid over the arm of the chair and...
Anabelle's School Paddling
Anabelle is sent to the office to be paddled by The Principal.
Paddled or Suspended? (part 2 of 2)
Once the Principal finishes paddling Ava, he calls Adriana in to bend over. She is then spanked with the wooden paddle...
Paddled or Suspended? (part 1 of 2)
Ava and Adriana are sent to the office to find out their fate. Both girls are given the option of being suspended or being...
Peaches' Straddle Spanking and Belting (Part 1 of 2)
Peaches tried to sneak off to bed quite early to avoid her spanking. But Mr. M drags her into the living room and has her...
Kestrel is Strapped
Kestrel is interviewed and then bossed around by Miss Betty who delivers a strapping over her jeans, panties and on her...
Bedtime OTK
Annabelle is tucked into bed for the night with a long and hard bare bottom spanking while over his knee.
Adrianna Spanked in Front of her Friend
Adrianna and her friend Ava are on their way out to the movies when Mr. M decides the punishment he owes Adrianna is...
Jordyn Spanked with Belt and Spoon (Part 2 of 2)
Mr. M decides she hasn't had enough, and retrieves a wooden spoon that he breaks on Jordyn's bruised bottom.
Sleepover Spanking (Part 2 of 2)
After Adriana is properly spanked, the girls switch position and Ava is then hand spanked on her bare bottom. The girls...
Anabelle is Spanked OTK
Anabelle's panties and jeans are lowered and she is taken over Mr. M's knee in a straddle position and spanked hard on her...
New Model Punishment Profile: Kestrel
New model Kestrel, was referred to us by the amazing Kajira! She is interviewed and asked to remove all of her clothing....
School Swats: Nuna
Nuna shares her experiences with corporal punishment in school as a child, and then is bent over and given 10 of the best...
Sleepover Spanking (Part 1 of 2)
Adriana and Ava have been asked multiple times to keep it down, as Mr. M has work at 5am the next day. Unfortunately for...
Fawn's Bare Breasted Strapping
Fawn's breasts are bared and she is bent over and spanked on the jeans, panties and bare bottom.
Punishment Profile: Ava
A friend of Adriana Evans, model Ava, comes to shoot with RealSpankings for the first time. She is interviewed, told to...
Nuna's Bare Bottom Belting
Nuna is administered a bare bottom belting at the hand of Mr. M.
Jordyn Spanked with Belt and Spoon (Part 1 of 2)
Jordyn's day goes from bad to worse when her bare bottom is met with the belt.
Punishment Profile: Fawn
New model Fawn is interviewed and taken over Miss Betty's knee for her first on camera spanking by a woman.
Mable is Paddled Over Gym Shorts
Mable is sent in for a paddling, but the Principal cannot spank her over the current jeans she is wearing. So she is sent...
Punishment Profile: Nuna
Traveling model Nuna came to town to shoot with RealSpankings. She is interviewed by Mr. M and then taken OTK by Miss...
Harlan is Spanked Hard by Mr. M (Part 2 of 2)
Harlan returns with the large heavy belt and assumes the position. When Mr. M arrives he applies it to her bare bottom...
School Swats: London
London is bent over and given a dose of the wooden paddle by Mr. M in this installment of School Swats.
Jessica is being Disrespectful (Part 2 of 2)
Not convinced that Jessica has learned her lesson, Mrs. Burns decides that a bedtime spanking with a hairbrush will bring...
Harlan: Spanked Hard by Mr. M (Part 1 of 2)
Harlan is told to drop her pants and panties. Mr. M lifts her legs in the air and spanks her bare bottom with his hand....
London: Woken Up and Hand Spanked
Mr. M drags London out of bed and orders her to remove her panties. She is then bent over and hand spanked hard on the...
Jessica is being Disrespectful (Part 1 of 2)
Mrs. Burns decides that Jessica needs a painful reminder via hand and leather strap about how to treat others with...
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