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Cara's Hard and Fast School Paddling
After getting approval from home, the Principal paddles Cara as hard and fast as you will ever see, with the heaviest of...
School Swats with Cupcake Sinclair
Our newest model Cupcake participates in our school swats series.
Cara's Bare Bottom Whoopin'
Cara is instructed to go to the family room, bare her bottom, and get into position. She decides to not bare her bottom...
Just Wait Until We Get Home!
The moment Michael and Cupcake get home, she is bent over the chair for a strapping she will not soon forget.
Ambriel: Pulled from Class for a Paddling
For her constant disruptions, Ambriel is pulled from class and given the school maximum of 10 swats.
Cupcake's Punishment Profile
New model Cupcake Sinclair does her Punishment Profile.
Bare Breasted Punishment: Asher
Asher is interviewed and then Miss Betty exposes Asher's bare breasts. She is then bent over and strapped on her jeans,...
Ambriel's Nude Punishment
Running late getting home, and with a dead phone, Abriel is required to go to her room, strip fully naked, and return to...
New Model Punishment Profile: Asher
New model Asher has come to be spanked on camera. She drove from out of town and is very excited to work with us. She is...
Bare Bottom School Swats: Cara
Cara and Betty have a little chat on camera about her bare bottomed School Swats. Cara then bends over, bottom bared, and...
Devon's Bad Day (part 2 of 2)
Mr. M returns with a belt and lays Devon down on the ottoman. He uses it on her bare bottom and switches sides so that...
Naked and Spanked by Betty
Cara arrives home late again, with the understanding that her punishment will be a fully nude one. She undresses and waits...
Brats Get Spanked (Part 2 of 2)
Stella is laid on a pillow on her bed, and given 30 with the tawse for her intolerable behavior.
Cheerleader Punishment: Ambriel
Ambriel's poor attitude in the gym earns her an 8 swat paddling. She is bent over in the locker room and paddled hard...
Devon's Bad Day (part 1 of 2)
Devon waits in time out for her punishment from Mr. M. She nervously removes her leggings and panties and straddles the...
Brats Get Spanked (Part 1 of 2)
Stella's bratty behavior earns her a bare bottom spanking at the hand of Miss Betty. Stella is then sent to change for...
An Embarrassing Spanking for Ambriel
Ambriel bares her bottom and gets into position with her legs up in the air. Exposed and embarrassed she is spanked hard...
Kiki's Voyeur School Paddling
Kiki is marched from the classroom by the Principal for a paddling in his office. A curious student sees what is about to...
Michelle S. Punishment Profile
New model Michelle receives her very 1st on camera spanking
Spanked on the Way out the Door
Kiki is running late as usual and Michael has had enough of it. Kiki's pants and panties are lowered, she is taken over...
Alex Requests a Paddling to Get out of Suspension
Alex asks to speak to The Principal about receiving paddle swats to get out of her current suspension. They agree upon...
Anastasia: Paddled for No Bra
Anastasia is sent to be paddled for her indecent exposure in school. She is bent over and given 10 swats with a wooden...
Alex: Whooped with the Belt (Part 2 of 2)
Alex returns after finishing her chores and reluctantly bares her bottom for another dose with the heavy belt. She is...
Cheerleader Punishment: Kiki
Kiki is sent to the locker room to wait to be paddled. She is bent over and given 10 swats over her thin leggings and is...
Alex: Whooped with the Belt (Part 1 of 2)
Alex knows she has got a whoopin coming and retrieves the heavy belt for Mr. M to use on her. She is bent over the arm of...
Sent Home for a Short Skirt
Anastasia is sent home for wearing a short skirt and showing her midriff. She waits nervously in the living room with the...
Paddled in the Locker Room by the Principal
Maya is bent over in the locker room and paddled over her jeans.
Paddled at School and Strapped at Home (Part 2 of 2)
Cara arrives home acting as though nothing has happened. Mr. M knows the whole story and tells her to retrieve the belt....
Naked Belt Spanking
Kiki is woken up and given a hard spanking on her bed, with the belt.
Ambriel: Spanked Hard by Miss Betty (Part 2 of 2)
Betty returns with a leather strap and applies it to Ambriel's bottom. Ambriel quickly realizes she has failed to live up...
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